Duck Tours

by Aspect Wheels

This ongoing project involved designing and supplying new wheel and tyre assemblies to suit the upgraded disc braking system currently being installed across the fleet.

One of the quirkiest and most interesting ways of seeing the sights in London, we’ve been their preferred wheel manufacturer/supplier for some years.

More recently, we were invited by London Duck Tours to liaise with their fabrication company Ken Ware Engineers Limited of Newark, and be involved in a project to modernise and install disc braking systems on all of their current vehicles

After many telephone calls, emails, meetings, discussions, drawings and designs, the new braking system was finally perfected and installed on both rear axles of one of the vehicles which passed all tests with flying colours, along with the newly designed and built wheels to suit the modern system. Installation on the rest of the fleet soon followed

With that success under our belts we moved forward to the front axles and from there developed together a bespoke system, again with a new wheel to suit both the application and the existing cosmetics of the vehicle in line with our clients exacting requirements

So now you can go sightseeing, safe in the knowledge that unaffected by its dip into the murky waters of the Thames, the bus/boat will stop efficiently when required……………well, at least on the road!

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